Job Posting is Two Years Old, Bad Sign?

Job Posting is Two Years Old, Bad Sign | JTandDale.comDear J.T. & Dale: There is a company in town that has had the same two jobs posted for more than two years. Is that a sign it is a bad company with a lot of turnover? — Derek

J.T.: Not always. There is a new trend in hiring called “rolling applications,” which you’ll see in companies with strong corporate cultures. They keep standard job postings running and evaluate every application that comes in. Why? Good management teams understand that talent drives success. They believe that when you see talent, you grab it!

Dale: Let’s hope that’s the explanation. But in addition to the great companies that are always searching for talent, and the terrible ones that are searching for bodies to fill chairs, there are those that churn through rookies in a Darwinian hiring system, usually for commission-only roles, which suits a certain type of competitive employee.

J.T.: To learn which type of company it is, I suggest you jump on a social-networking site and find someone who works there in a similar role. They’ll be able to fill you in on the job itself, and also on how the company does its hiring.

Dale: Should you get to the interview stage, make sure to ask about turnover. Bad companies will be defensive, while good companies welcome the topic. Also, arrive early and watch employees in action. Note how people walk and talk, smile and laugh — good companies have a positive energy that you’ll feel.

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