Dec 2

Word ExperienceDear J.T. & Dale: When a company says “five to 10 years of experience” in the job description, does that mean you should have only that much experience? I have far more years of experience than people are asking for. I recently applied for a job and heard nothing. I called and found out that the job had been filled, and I got the name of the person. I looked him up, and he had half my years of experience. What gives? - Frank Read the rest of this entry »

Jul 15

Shoving Money in PocketDear J.T. & Dale: I recently met a woman who’d managed a coffee shop for several years, then moved to a job with a bank. After only four months at the bank, she was let go. That was five months ago, and she says she isn’t in any rush to find a new job, since she can collect unemployment. She said this in a joking tone, but it’s not funny to me. I’m a hardworking person, and I wonder how many other folks are using unemployment to excuse themselves from finding a job. — Ella Read the rest of this entry »

Jul 8

"Beware" Sign on PlatformDear J.T. & Dale: A former employer (that I quit) manages to keep giving information to companies when I apply for jobs. I’ve had other jobs since this employer, and I don’t even list the old company as a reference. How is it possible for them to know where I’m applying? — Joey Read the rest of this entry »

Jun 30

Does a Bankruptcy Kill a Job Offer? | JTandDale.comDear J.T. & Dale: I recently lost my job after being there a year. Prior to that job, I’d been unemployed for nearly two years, went through my savings and eventually filed for bankruptcy. How negatively do employers view an applicant who has a bankruptcy on his or her credit report? What can I do to make employers see I am not a bad or lazy person? — Michael Read the rest of this entry »

Jun 30

Long Interview Process? Assume You Didn't Get the Job | JTandDale.comDear J.T. & Dale: I’ve recently spent four months in the interview process with one company. I went on five separate interviews, each time meeting three to five people. I was told they’d make a decision soon. Today, I called and they said I was their lead candidate but they decided to look at a few more. I was furious! Should I assume they’re “just not that into me” and walk away? — Kerry Read the rest of this entry »

Jun 23

How to Answer the 'What Did You Make at Your Last Job?' Question | JTandDale.comDear J.T. & Dale: I hate the “What did you make at your last job?” question. I used to make a lot, but now I know I’ll never make that again. As soon as I tell the recruiter what I made, the interview is over. What can I do? — Christian Read the rest of this entry »

Jun 23

How Much Follow-up is Too Much | JTandDale.comDear J.T. & Dale: I’ve been told companies hate it when you keep contacting them after an interview. How many follow-up contacts is too many? — Cheryl Read the rest of this entry »

Jun 17

061911-i-cant-tell-how-the-interview-wentDear J.T. & Dale: Yesterday I had a phone interview. The interviewer asked me two questions: (1) What was a difficult situation you’ve experienced, and how did you handle it? (2) What computer programs do you have experience with? That was it. The rest of the time, she spoke about the company and position. I spent two days preparing for this interview, and she hardly asked me any questions. In fact, she kept asking me if I had any questions. It’s driving me crazy, because I can’t tell how it went. — Nadidra Read the rest of this entry »

Jun 17

Job Posting is Two Years Old, Bad Sign | JTandDale.comDear J.T. & Dale: There is a company in town that has had the same two jobs posted for more than two years. Is that a sign it is a bad company with a lot of turnover? — Derek Read the rest of this entry »

Jun 10

Expecting the Unexpected Interview Call | JTandDale.comDear J.T. & Dale: I got an unexpected call from a potential employer, and the recruiter asked if she could interview me on the spot. I was caught off guard and said, “Yes,” but as a result, I think I botched the interview, since I’ve never heard back. What should I do next time this happens? — Annette Read the rest of this entry »

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