Jul 2

070410-jt-daleDear J.T. & Dale: I recently went through a series of interviews and thought I had the job till I got a voice mail stating that while I was wonderful, the department had decided to go with someone they’d “worked with previously.” She also said that perhaps I was a little overqualified. OK, I’m out of college less than a year — how could I be overqualified? During the interviews, I did stress I like to work hard and feel a sense of accomplishment. Did I overdo it? — Michelle Read the rest of this entry »

Mar 20

Dear J.T. & Dale: What do you think about the concept of unpaid internships? It has always been a pet peeve of mine. It’s a two-sided problem, where as long as students accept unpaid internships, companies can get away with offering them. The way companies get around this being illegal is that they say the compensation is school credit. I say BAH! Am I being unreasonable? — Marissa Read the rest of this entry »

Jan 29

Dear J.T. & Dale: I was in the trucking industry and drove 18-wheelers until last July, when I got fired because of a misunderstanding over company policy. Without going into the issue, I was wrong and the situation warranted termination. Since then, I’ve found it extremely difficult to find another trucking job. No one will take a chance on me. How do I get around this? — Mike Read the rest of this entry »

Jul 30

Dear J.T. & Dale: What are your thoughts on “dumbing down” a resume to get a job? I’ve read that it’s the only way to get called for jobs that I’m overqualified for. I worked hard for my advanced degrees and senior positions, but I’m seeing evidence that it is placing me out of the market. — Russell Read the rest of this entry »

Jul 30

Dear J.T. & Dale: How do I tell a company that eight hours is my max? I have a life outside of work, and I want to live it. Is there a way, in an interview, to tactfully share that I will not work more than eight hours a day? — Katie Read the rest of this entry »

Jul 22

Dear J.T. & Dale: A contract house recently contacted me regarding a job opportunity, having found my resume on the Internet. They sent me for an interview, which went great, and the interviewer told me I would be contacted within three days by the contract house. Five days later I called the contract house and was told the interviewer was not responding to them. I have since called back repeatedly. (They did say on one call that I was one of three finalists.) Finally, I tried to contact the interviewer myself. She told me to go through the contract house and not call her directly. Is this how business is done? — Fergie Read the rest of this entry »

Jun 1

Dear J.T. & Dale: I am not aware of any written or legal rules outlining severance pay, but the impression I get is that you receive two weeks’ pay for each year of service with the company. Is that how it works? — Jim Read the rest of this entry »

May 18

Dear J.T. & Dale: For the past 12 years I have been running a manufacturing facility. The company is closing its local operations, and I have been looking for a new position. I’ve just received an offer from a company that makes hospital supplies, at a 30 percent increase in pay. The issue is that this would be a management position on a rotating-shift basis, which I’m not sure I could get accustomed to. It goes against my principles to start at a new company, knowing that I might not stay. Any thoughts? — Nic Read the rest of this entry »

May 18

Dear J.T. & Dale: I received my bachelor’s degree in accounting last summer. However, because of medical issues, I have not started working. I have not bounced back physically, and therefore, I need part-time work. I would like to be upfront with employers, especially because my frequent doctor’s appointments require flexibility, but I also worry about scaring off employers. When should I bring it up? — Elisabeth Read the rest of this entry »

Apr 27

Dear J.T. & Dale: I’ve had two jobs during the past years with titles of “construction manager” and “general manager.” However, in both cases the work was mainly administrative, and that’s what I want to do. I’m now applying for administrative assistant jobs but not getting any response. I think it’s my previous job titles and that a computer program is tossing my resume before a human can even read it. Am I correct? — P.L. Read the rest of this entry »

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