Nov 18

Young Business WomanDear J.T. & Dale: I graduated last year and landed a job as an administrative assistant. This is not what I want to do, but I’d hoped to move up to a marketing role. I just had my first annual review and assumed it would be a good one. Instead, I was given a list of things to improve. The worst was they told me I don’t dress professionally and to advance, I need to reconsider what I wear. How could they let me go a whole year without that feedback? I can’t look at anyone at work, and am looking for new jobs online every night. — Lara Read the rest of this entry »

May 27

Advice to the Passed Over | JTandDale.comDear J.T. & Dale: A year ago, I applied for a job with Company X and interviewed with the general manager, but was not offered the job. However, soon after, I got a similar position with a rival, Company Y. My field is very specialized, and there are basically only these two companies. My boss and colleagues used to work at the other company. Call me paranoid, but I’m worried about what to do if I happen to meet X’s general manager in the presence of my boss or colleagues (our offices are nearby). My boss doesn’t know I ever applied at X before Y. Should I mention it to them — jokingly, perhaps? — Kate Read the rest of this entry »

Apr 1

Oops Button on Computer Keyboard | Shutterstock.comDear J.T. & Dale: I made a huge mistake. I saw an online article that really burned me up. I was so angered I clicked on the e-mail link and sent a nasty note…really nasty. I hit “Send” and then realized it had my automated signature, including my name and contact info. Do you think this person can harm my career? I’m thinking about apologizing, but I’m still really angry about what was written. — Kenneth Read the rest of this entry »

Jan 20

012211-jt-daleDear J.T. & Dale: I am a contracted teacher at a school. My 10-month contract states the employer reserves the right to terminate me without cause as long as they give me 30 days notice. Can I assume I have the right to break the contract too, as long as I give 30 days notice? — Ray Read the rest of this entry »

Jan 5

010811-jt-daleAs we begin the new year, we want to take a look back at 2010 and pull together the suggestions our readers told us were most helpful. So, here’s our best advice, along with our wish 2011 will be your best career year yet. — J.T. & Dale Read the rest of this entry »

Sep 8

091210-jt-daleDear J.T. & Dale: I worked for a bank in the mortgage department until the real estate market bottomed out and I was laid off. After five months, I took a job for $35K less than I’d been making. I stayed till I was able to find a better-paying job, and worked my way up to $70K, then was laid off last month. Now as soon as a potential employer asks what I was making, they say they are looking to pay $20K less. I try to explain it’s OK, but they believe I’ll only stay until the economy improves. While this may be true, how do I get around it? — Pat Read the rest of this entry »

Aug 18

082210-jt-daleDear J.T. & Dale: What am I doing wrong? Everyone tells me to network in order to meet new contacts. I hear constantly from fellow job seekers that they’re having a lot of luck with LinkedIn. So, I reached out to more than a dozen people I thought would make good contacts, and got totally rejected. Not a single one responded to me. Here’s what I’ve been writing:

“Dear X: I’d like to connect with you and send you my resume so I could get feedback on what’s wrong with it. I’ve been searching for a job for 12 months with no luck. Will you help me?”

— Luisa Read the rest of this entry »

Aug 18

082110-jt-daleDear J.T. & Dale: My company just announced a “no Facebook” policy. It states that anyone found on Facebook during work hours will be terminated. Can they do this? I don’t know if accessing it via cell phone counts, and I’m afraid to ask for fear they’ll add it to the policy. What should I do? — Kayla Read the rest of this entry »

Jul 27

073110-jt-daleDear J.T. & Dale: A few months ago, I started a part-time job at a new nightclub, having been hired before it opened. Since then, my part-time job during the day has become full-time. I don’t want to give up the nightclub entirely, but I’m afraid to ask them to cut the nights I work from four days to two. What’s the best way to persuade them to keep me? — Rob Read the rest of this entry »

Jul 12

071810-jt-daleDear J.T. & Dale: Just a comment from a frustrated hiring manager…With all the discussion around interviewing etiquette and the best way to land a job, I still am amazed at the number of people who have no clue what “professional attire” means. Can you remind job-seekers what proper dress is? — Jeff Read the rest of this entry »

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