Apr 13

Dear J.T. & Dale: I can’t let go of what my former employer did to me. I was let go unfairly, and I’m so angry that I can’t move forward. I feel like the only way I’m going to feel better is if I get my old job back and get an apology from them — but that’s not going to happen. — Kathleen Read the rest of this entry »

Mar 8

Dear J.T. & Dale: I applied for an HR coordinator job around six months ago. I’ve followed up for a few weeks with a few phone calls and never got a response. Today I saw the exact same job listing. What should I think — they never hired anyone? They hired someone and it didn’t work out? Should I resend my resume, or follow my instincts that this company doesn’t have its act together? — Melissa Read the rest of this entry »

Feb 22

Dear J.T. & Dale: With the increase in companies asking to have applications submitted online, how can I make mine stand out from the hundreds of other applications? — Bette

Dale: Never forget that the goal of your application is to help the HR person or hiring manager put you in the “yes” pile. Those “yes” people are the ones who meet all the requirements. So, make sure you Read the rest of this entry »

Jan 23

Dear J.T. & Dale: After months of job searching, I feel totally stalled. I have responded to every ad, sent out hundreds of resumes and asked all my friends and relatives to look for openings for me, but I have only a handful of interviews and no offers to show for it. Can you please give me a suggestion as to what else I can try? - Noland

J.T.: One technique that could be of value to you is to stop looking for employment POSITIONS and start looking for employer COMPANIES. I recently created a short video post on the subject of creating Bucket Lists for your job search. Here’s how it works - ask yourself and friends: Read the rest of this entry »

Dec 5

J.T.: For this month’s recommendation of a career resource, I’ve chosen a book by Travis Bradberry called “Squawk! How to Stop Making Noise and Start Getting Results.” It’s the story of a flock of seagulls living near a food court who are suddenly unable to sustain themselves. With help from some unlikely friends, the leader of the flock, Charlie, learns how to stop “squawking” and start helping.

Dale: Hmmm … Well, for my choice, I’m singling out a Web site that I don’t recommend using, but I do recommend knowing about. It’s called criminalsearches.com. For the first time, anyone can do state or national searches of criminal records, for free. The site has a startling database, right down to traffic tickets. It’s a gossip’s dream come true. I mention it only because everyone should know that the time has come when every encounter with the legal system is knowable.

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Nov 4

Hello, J.T. & Dale: I am a 15-year-old girl in high school and am interested in one day becoming a purchasing manager. I’m wondering what kind of classes I could take in college. Your advice would be a great help. — Belle

Dale: I think you may be the first teenager in history to be interested in a career in purchasing management.

J.T.: And that makes it a fantastic choice. For one thing, you will have an easy time getting advice from professionals in the field. It’s not like going to those in the typical glamour jobs — being a newscaster or a sports agent — where there are far more interested students than there are job possibilities. All you need to do, Belle, is find people in the field to contact. Read the rest of this entry »

Nov 4

Dear J.T. & Dale: A fellow co-worker and I have been padding our expense accounts, and he got caught and fired, but I didn’t … yet. Should I look for a new job? — Marty Read the rest of this entry »

Nov 4
Too Much Awesomeness
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Dear J.T. & Dale: I enjoy reading your section in the paper. I always save it for last and drink my morning coffee while I take in the advice. I love that you give two different perspectives for each issue.

Here’s my question: I recently quit my job of eight years. I revamped my resume, and I think it looks pretty awesome. However, I am frustrated with the lack of response. The two companies that did interview me said that I am “overqualified.” Couldn’t they see that from my resume? — Maggie Read the rest of this entry »

Oct 14

Dear J.T. & Dale: I have a female boss, who is several years older than I and has a family. Recently, she started hitting on me. I love my job but want no part of her. She was instrumental in advancing my career during the past several years, but never approached me like this until now. What should I do? — David Read the rest of this entry »

Sep 24


J.T.: We love to hear from readers who share what they’ve learned while in the job market. Today we hear from Beth, who turned around unwelcome news about an interview situation. Read the rest of this entry »

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