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Dale: Every month or so, we offer up our suggestions for the best resources for careers or management. I’ve believed for quite a while now that is one of the best resources, but then I’m biased, because its founder is my writing partner here, good old J.T. O’Donnell. So it pleases me to announce that I’m not the only one who regards highly — the site has moved into BlogRank’s Top 10 career blog sites. And rightly so — J.T. has put together a group of career counselors who contribute advice and tools, plus you can see J.T. come to life in one of her videos or webinars.

J.T.: Thank you. I had a team of university interns help with developing the site, and you can feel the energy they brought to the project.

And, for my pick, I have a book for all of you who are starting a business or thinking of going entrepreneurial: G.L. Hoffman’s “Start Up: 100 Tips to Get Your Business Going.” It’s a delightful pocket guide with quick insights. It isn’t being widely marketed yet, but at you can reach Hoffman, who sends them out personally. I have a copy on my desk and read it at least once a day to keep me on track.

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